Friday, 24 June 2011


      Just now,I was read a fairy tale story.I was read the book many times.I really like fairy tale story.
Mybe you had many times heard the tittle of the book.So,i think you must know about the story
and the way of the story.Actually the tittle of the book that had read just now was Cinderella.
Mybe the sound is very childish but I like read this book even million times I read.This is because 
this story was very interesting.

         Furthemore,this story gave many lessons to us and moral values that we should follow.
The lessons and moral values that I got from the story  was we cannot be a greedy person.
This is because all people at this earth really hate on greedy behavier.Then,we must patience
even we are in the trouble condition like cinderella.We also don't need always mummble.
We must always be a thankful person and always be a good person. 

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